12/12/2018 Town Board Agenda


PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the public and to the news media pursuant to WI. Stats. Section 19.84 that the regular meeting of the town board, Town of Excelsior to be held December 12, 2018, 6:30 p.m., Town of Excelsior Hall, 100 E. Broadway St., Rock Springs, WI. 53961.

Regular monthly town board meeting: AGENDA

1. Call to order. Verification of public notice and compliance with the Open Meeting Law.

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll call:

4. Approval of agenda of town board meeting.

5. Approve minutes of prior meeting(s).11/14/18 & 11/28/18

6. Public comments and suggestions from residents of the town and other persons present. (3 minutes)

7. Procedural motions by members of the town board.

a) Approve treasurers report as received:

b) Approve monthly town bills as submitted: 12/12/18

c) Approve treasurer to transfer funds to pay bills & reconciliation of town books.

d) Next town board meeting: January 9, 2019

8. Specific matters for discussion and possible action by town board.

a) Discussion and possible action on proceeding with the Reedsburg Road & Vogel Road Improvement Project

b) Discussion on the ATV/UTV Ordinance

c). Discussion and possible action regarding holding an April Referendum for changing the Town Clerk and Town Treasurer positions to be appointed instead of elected.

d) Discussion and possible action for appointing a Town Commercial Electrical Inspector.

e) Discuss Sauk County Highway Department snow plowing and sanding procedures for Town roads.

f) Discuss and possible action on Sauk County Hazard Mitigation Plan

9. Communications and petitions by town clerk-No discussion or action.

10. Communications and petitions by town chair-No discussion or action.

11. Reports of Town Officers.

a) Road Superintendent K. Zimmerman/ Road update:

b) E. Larson/ Baraboo Ambulance Report


It is possible that members of and possibly a quorum of members of other governmental bodies of the municipality maybe in attendance at the above meeting to gather information. No action will be taken by any governmental body at the above stated meeting other than the governmental body specifically referred to in this matter. Hall is handicapped accessible Any person who has a qualifying disability that requires the meeting or materials at the meeting to be in an accessible location or format should contact the Town of Excelsior at 608-522-5115 or [email protected] 48 hours in advance of the meeting so that reasonable arrangements can be made to accommodate each request. Meeting notice posted or published: Published in the Baraboo News Republic and

Reedsburg Independent Notice and agenda posted Town Office, _ & www.townofexcelsiorwi.gov. Prepared by: Town Chair Ken Nolden/Clerk Lynette M. Gurgel 12/7/2018