Forms & Permits

Do I Need A Permit?

Construction that requires a building permit includes, but is not limited to:

  • New buildings
  • Additions that increase the physical dimensions of a building including decks.
  • Alterations to the building structure, cost shall include market labor value, or alterations to the building’s heating, electrical or plumbing systems.
  • Replacement of major building equipment, including furnaces, and central air conditioners.
  • Alteration of plumbing, venting, electrical or gas supply systems
  • Any electrical wiring for new construction or remodeling
  • Any plumbing for new construction or remodeling
  • Storage sheds and storage buildings

The following construction activities shall NOT require a building permit:

  • Re-siding, re-roofing, and finishing of interior surfaces, installation of cabinetry, and repairs which are deemed minor by the Building Inspector. Notwithstanding this section, however, a permit accompanied by structural load-bearing calculations shall be required for re-roofing a building if the proposed re-roofing would constitute a third, or more, layer of roofing.
  • Normal repairs of HV/AC, plumbing, and electrical equipment or systems.

WHEN IN DOUBT, PLEASE CALL AND CHECK BEFORE STARTING A PROJECT. AVOID BEING RED-TAGGED, AND FRUSTRATING DELAYS. These guidelines are for your benefit to speed you through the permitting process as easily and speedily as possible.


Driveway Permit

Please contact Dan Biermeier for a Driveway Permit 608-547-3435

General Building Application

Contact Dennis J. Butteris, Building Inspector at 608-617-1216

Land Use Application

Contact Sauk County Land Resource & Environment at 608-355-3245

Once you've obtained the Land Use Permit from Sauk County, please contact Town of Excelsior Clerk at 608-522-5115 to obtain the Town's Land Use Permit.  See the fee schedule below for applicable fees.

A Land Use Permit is needed for any structure over 120 square feet for Sauk County, and the Town of Excelsior.

If the structure is going to be located in shoreland zoning:  300' from a navigable stream or 1000' from a waterbody, a land use permit is needed regardless of the size and the structure.

UDC Application (New Homes)

Contact Dennis J. Butteris, Building Inspector at 608-617-1216

Fee Schedule

Title Companies - there is a $20.00 special assessment fee for each record requested.


Building a new house?  Consider a swing mailbox.  These benefit the mailbox owner, the highway maintenance crew to help clear snow from under the box allowing the mail carrier to reach the box without the box owner having to clear the snowbank away from the box.