Dog license Information

Dog Licenses are good for the calendar year (January 1 to December 31st) and must be renewed each year.

Dog License Fees are:

$5.00 for Neutered/Spayed Dogs

$10.00 for Unneutered/Unspayed Dogs

$2.00 for Duplice license fee

Dog Owners are reminded that dogs 5 months of age and older are required to hold a valid dog licence

In the Town of Excelsior.

*Information needed for dog tags:  Dog Name, Color, Breed, Sex, Vaccine/Vaccine Manufactuer Serial #, Vet Proof of Rabies Vaccination, Date given & Expiration Date.

You can mail your payment and information to PO Box 57, Rock Springs, WI 53961

or email [email protected]  you can also make payments under Community>Online Payments